Summer Knitting Calls for Smaller Projects on the Needles

Right before I had to frog back as there is a rather glaring cable mistake!  Check out this fun colorway called After Shock. The name is for our 5.8 earthquake we had in Montana this June.

Farm-To-Market Fingerless Mitts if you ever want a project that is not boring to knit—knit the Farm-To-Market Fingerless Mitts!  When you get to the gusset you have several different things going on and you must pay attention and trust the pattern.  Luckily it is an Aimee design from PDS which means it was tested and there are no mistakes!  The other bonus to knitting this pattern is you will become addicted to the process and can not stop as it is a very fun knit! 

Baby Booties How many pairs of these cute booties have I knitted over the years . . . I have NO idea.  I do know they are one of the best baby gifts. A dear friend of mine designed these felted booties and they are always well received and worn.  Any 100% wool can be used as they are meant to be felted in the washing machine.  I often use left over yarn for these booties.  One yarn I really enjoy felting with is Malabrigo Worsted.  All that is needed is one skein of Malabrigo Worsted yarn knitted on size 11 needles will make a large pair of booties with some yarn left over. This is the first pair I have used buttons for the ankle closure.  I usually use velcro and sew the Velcro on by hand or use a sewing machine.  I had no Velcro or sewing machine with me so I made the dive into buttons.  The blanket stitch around the booties just makes them as cute as can be!

This hat called Downtown Crossing was knitted up in June and was just sent off to one of my “Knit Girls” in Port Townsend.  Another great design from Polka Dot Sheep.  PDS Publications produces great patterns that are well written, with a nice lay out for notes, and downloadable from Ravelry.