Strength from a Little Rock

I found this rock in the park by our house on August 1st. Some great person who I suspect is a kid painted this rock along with a few others and left the rocks around the park. Another one had a saying on it that I spotted.  This one really hit home with me as I recover from my meniscus tear repair I had on July 21st.  It was a nice reminder that we all need strength no matter what at different times for different situations.  My surgery is very minor as far as knee surgeries go. I still get frustrated along the way to my knee recovery.  I need to remind myself to take it easy, and to be patient!  Time is really one of the major stepping stones to healing.  

August 31st, I had my stitches removed!  Before and below after.  I only lost the stitches and not my tan!
Really amazing only 3 small stitches to work orthotopically on a knee.

Aug 31st bike ride to home from my PT session. Time, patience, great surgeons, and outstanding PTs are all part of the healing process underlined by strength!  Thanks for the reminder little rock you will be placed back in the back for someone else to draw strength from.