Knitting, Biking, Berries, Paddling, Art, & Hiking

I am busy enjoying summer here in Montana.  June started off pretty wet and then summer arrived in full force.  They say by the 4th of July 97ºF! Yikes, that is too hot for ME! My grand niece has been here visiting and will be taking off later this coming week.  She is a great person and it is always fun to have her visit.

I think the best way to show what we have all been up to is a bit of a photo essay post.  The weather has been great and we have been out playing under Montana's Big Sky!

This is a great little fast knit in Malabrigo Rasta Yarn.  Downtown Crossing is a fun fast knit that produces a great hat.  This hat will head over to the Knit Girls in WA.
I need some new dish clothes and this is the first one I knitted up in Lion Brand Cotton.  The design is Sea Salt.

One of the things I look forward to all winter long is returning to my front porch.  This is just a great space, flowers, nice light, ceiling fans, a nice view, and so relaxing.

I just love getting a yarn order from Schoolhouse Press wrapped in tissue! This yarn is for swatching out my new Norwegian sweater design.  This design is currently running around in my head.  I am not sure of the colors yet.  I ordered a variety of colors to mess around with.  I promise myself I will not touch this yarn until my vest is done.

I currently have a plain pair of socks on my needles.  This yarn is from Knit'N Needle.  It is called Tender Foot which is their locally dyed yarn.  The colorway, I named, actually is Summer Storm.  I thought of huge charcoal gray clouds to light gray clouds rolling in with the hint of summer flowers such as Fireweed.

No summer is complete without a bike ride up Going To The Sun Road in Glacier Park. The road is closed while the road crew is removing snow to the pass.  There are sections that bikers can bike during this time.  We biked from Avalanche Campground up to the loop.  Heavens Peak is in the background there which is my favorite mountain in the Park.

Biking up in one of our favorite spots close to home.  This ride has many small creeks for the dogs to cool of in and nice shaded sections.

Lupine on a rather hotter ride and we will leave it at that!
Heading back to the rig as we finish up a ride in a new area for us.  Nice country but a bit of a dry ride.  We all even the dogs carried extra water which was a great idea!
Worn out pups happy to be back home, cleaned up, cooled off, and well fed.
We grow Haskap Berries and most people have never heard of them.  We love these berries and find their flavor fascinating.  Here are a few links about this great tasting unusual berries:

I have been making a Haskap Crisp this summer with our berries and sever it with ice cream or whipping cream.

The Huckle Berries are now turning to reddish-purple-blue!  These are an all time favorite here in Montana.  We know a few great secret picking spots!
Time for paddling both on the river and the lake as the temperatures heat up.  Our boards are called Versa Boards.

Last weekend we paddle from Les Mason Park home on the river.  It was a great 2-hour paddle. 
Heading down to the lake to start our paddle home.
We paddle about 2/3rds of Whitefish Lake and then floated/paddled down the river.

There is always time to rest in the hammock or the hammock chair with a dear 4-leged buddy.

Another summer goal is to try to sketch and paint.  The goal is to get more art into my life and to challenge myself in developing this skill.  I am a stick figure one dimensional artist at best!

I enjoy working with watercolor pencils.

Hiking into Link Lake in the Whitefish Range.

Link Lake surrounded by snow but it was totally open.  The trout were surfacing!

Sadie is always up for a cool down!

Indian Paint Brush is looking stellar this summer.

An old favorite hike to Lupine Lake.
Bear Grass is outdoing itself this summer.  Every 5-7 years the bloom is amazing.
Little Miss Tally doing her thing---she loves the air time as she splashes into the water!

Yesterday, I discovered the joy of Glacier Park's Shuttle service!  Why I have not been using this over the years is beyond me.  The service is fast, smooth, FREE and wonderful!  I knitted all the way from Apgar to the Pass and never had to worry once about tourist and their lack of driving skills.
Garden Wall in the background and tons of snow at the pass.

Just a great morning hike as the shuttle got us up to the pass in about 1 hour.

A little sock knitting with Bear Hat peak watching over.

This is why I travel with socks. They are portable, small and easy to pull out and knit.  Nothing like a nice knitting break on the trail. 

Remember to get out and enjoy the world around you! Let your feet take you on your next adventure . . .