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Meniscus Recovery

I am making great progress with my meniscus repair! Yes, I am pretty darn thrilled with my knee's recovery.  I have been working with some amazing PTs at Whitefish Therapy & Sport Center. I have nothing but rave reviews for this group of professionals!  My knee surgery was done by Flathead Orthopedics which have offices in Kalispell and Whitefish.

I am not thrilled that I had to have all this work done to my knee, but I am thrilled it happened here in Montana.  If this had happened in the village we work and live in----oh---- it would have been a nightmare.  First flying out 400 air miles to get to a doctor to see what was wrong and then after that surgery and recovery and PT . . . a nightmare!

Grateful I am in the perfect location for this little event in my summer!

Today in  PT, I was given the ok to start mellow biking on the flats!  I am walking all over town to run errands and taking my PT exercises seriously!

Nurse Sadie!

Nurse Sadie has done a great job with my rehab. Here I am home after surgery last Friday.  I am now totally weight bearing, walking around town to get online and to drink coffee.  I have started PT which is going great.  I am very grateful to get this all taken care of here in the lower 48.

Limping Along Under Montana's Big Sky!

As I wait for knee surgery I have been reading and knitting.  I can not do a lot as hobbling from place to place isn't very efficient or fun.  Yes, I am grateful and I do mean this that my injury is small.  I don't have much to complain about at all with this injury.

The first book I read was Consuelo and Alva Vanderbilt:The Story of a Mother and Daughter in the 'Gilded Age', by Amanda Mackenzie Stuart.
I found the mother, Alva, to be a woman I would have despised!  In the same breath, I admired her ability to function in this time period with her wealth and social restrictions.  The bizarre life style of the extremely wealthy families in the late 1800s and early 1900s is staggering to me!  I wonder if I would have just run away, conform, or suffered in silence during this period.  The clothing, homes, society of the wealthy, the limits . . . of course one wouldn't have known differently as this was the environment one was born into and expected to maintain.  I wa…

Meniscus Tear!

Life is full of twists and turns and here I am stuck in a twist!  The twist is called a Meniscus Tear.  I didn't twist my knee to earn a right knee meniscus tear which is often one of the usual ways one earns this injury. I do my best to hobble forward with my ski pole and just plain old make the best of this situation.

I can read, knit, rest, although I am a bit uncomfortable at times.  At least, I can do these things at my home!  I have the front porch, back deck, and patios to enjoy. I can escape the heat inside our cool house in the afternoons.

I need to find something I can do so I just don't become a flab-o-la as I wait for surgery.  I am focussing on very healthy foods and taking advantage of all the great veggies & fruits I have access to this time of the year.

Surgery will be next Friday, July 21st.  It will be done in their clinic at the Flathead Orthopedic Center in Kalispell.  My understanding is that I will be in and out pretty fast.  As my neighbour who has h…

Knitting, Biking, Berries, Paddling, Art, & Hiking

I am busy enjoying summer here in Montana.  June started off pretty wet and then summer arrived in full force.  They say by the 4th of July 97ºF! Yikes, that is too hot for ME! My grand niece has been here visiting and will be taking off later this coming week.  She is a great person and it is always fun to have her visit.

I think the best way to show what we have all been up to is a bit of a photo essay post.  The weather has been great and we have been out playing under Montana's Big Sky!