Yoga in The Park

I start my day off with Yoga in The Park by Shanti Yoga Studio.  The sunshine was a little intense out there under our Montana Big Sky.  The energy was great!  I bet they had well over 60 people practicing yoga this morning.

Shanti Yoga Studio celebrated their 11th year this morning with Yoga in The Park.

Mats were out and about as we gathered for an hour of yoga this morning.

As I was walking home after yoga this morning . . . I often find myself thinking this . . . Yes, this is really my home! I get to live in this vibrant small Montana town.  I can walk to a wide variety of stores compared to our Alaska village life.  I enjoy both places I get to call home . . . but Whitefish is softer, easier, gentler than my northern home.  The pace is slow and restful down here in a different way than in the north.  Healthy lifestyles are everywhere here. I draw great inspiration from all the positive examples of healthy choices that surround me down south.


LannieK said…
A slow and restful pace ~ I could use that. It looks so peaceful :-) Thanks for sharing!