YES! Done! Flowers are in place!

One of the great things about coming south for the summer is arriving into a lush green colorful world of plants.  Fresh green life bursting out all around us is just heaven for my eyes.  I look forward to getting all the flower pots filled with color each year.  We always buy our flowers from Columbia Falls Nursery.

The next thing this year will be to get the flower boxes made and in place. The goal is to have standing flower boxes in front of the porch and north side of the porch.  These will be permanent but not attached to the porch in any way.  I just hope they don't become feeding troughs for the deer.


LannieK said…
Beautiful flowers - or as I referr to them, deer desert. Wow! It has greened up so pretty :-) Do you get daily afternoon rains in your area?
opps... speaking of desert, I gotta go chase off two chowing down my flowers
Any knitting going on?
knitski said…
Not sure why I can not reply to comments but I seem to have to do it this way:

Yes, deer dessert would be the correct response other than they don't eat them--which I think is so strange. I am not sure if it is our dogs or sticking their noises through the wiring we have. I am about to set up flower boxes and I am not sure what they will do with those. In Alaska when they want to keep certain animals away many folks will spray wolf urine around----wonder if that would work for deer?
I am glad we don't have to worry about deer here. At least in the immediate area...