Weather, Dinner, & Yarn

Rain, sprinkles (a new weather term like chocolate or colored ones that would go on ice cream . . . this is a meteorological term?), wet stuff--nope it is still called rain no matter what!  June in northwest Montana can be a very wet 30 days.  From all my years here summer often just arrives on July 4th.  There have been some years it just plain old rains all summer long!  Snow in June or July in lower elevations has happened and it is not that rare.

In fact one 4th of July, we ate grilled smoked turkey in my friend's garage. We were all decked out in various winter gear hats, gloves, mittens, sweaters, gore-tex rain jackets, pants NOT shorts having our dinner.  The garage door was open as we all sat at a picnic table watching it SNOW! While the New Zealand guest asked, "So is this how you Americans always have a picnic in snow?"

I will say last night we managed to have a large enough sucker hole that lasted for some time and we could grill and eat outside!  Ah, a sucker hole is a common NW Montan term meaning a big blue sky that sucks one outside and then once out and far enough from home it rains!

Grilled steaks and roasted veggies--basically our summertime menu.

The spread for Father's Day.

The perfect host first to sit down to eat! Eeeeheeee--I just don't get people who don't jump in to fill a plate . . . let's EAT!
My FIL who at 81 is still building, never sits around, skis, hikes, rides hit trail bike, and just gets up and keeps moving no matter what!

Huckleberry Pie that my FIL makes and is rather famous for and Haskap Crisp which I made from our Haskap berries all of course served with vanilla ice cream!

Huckleberry Pie

Grand niece who is visiting and is always a treat!

Ooops, I forgot the yarn and will just write another post on that later.  My local yarn shop had their anniversary sale on Saturday. I did get a bit of yarn for some future projects!