I recently was over in Washington and was visiting family.  I had a wonderful little visit with my niece and her family.  They have been living off the grid and recently moved into a local fun, cool, and groovy community.  The visit was just perfect as I was able to see all their efforts in action.

I loved being surrounded by huge trees and the various shades of GREEN!  I miss trees during our school year in the north.

Foxglove is such a pretty flower and the colors are brilliant!

Sweater girls---These are my very knit worthy grand nieces.  They live in their knitted items and I love to knit for them.

I was able to enjoy some great violin music.  My niece and her husband make sure their girls are exposed to a wide variety of activities in the both the arts and outdoor skills.

From trees and foothills too . . .

the beach. We all had fun exploring . . . 

More violin tunes . . .

and yet more . . .

This wonderful person is back in Montana for another summer of fun and R & R. Part of the reason I was in WA was to retrieve her some Montana time with her Aunt and Uncle.

For those of us who live in Alaska and order a lot of "things" from Amazon here is the black hole of mail: Federal Way!  UGH!  How I always dread when I track packages and find it sitting in Federal Way.  Packages get stuck in Federal Way for what seems like decades at times.  I never knew it was an actual town.  I just figured it was some black hole in the shipping world and its main goal was to make people in rural Alaska suffer ridiculous wait times for their packages!