The Migration South

The reverse migration happened once again. It went as smooth as could be and took 8 days to migrate from Alaska to Montana.  The driving was long and slow.  The camping was relaxing.  "The Girls" did great as we headed to warmer buggy weather.  BC and the Yukon were just glorious with lots of snow up high and rivers still rising to the top of their banks. Home is perfect and was well loved over the year. I love being back in the neighborhood and nestled in my beloved Whitefish even with the changes and upgrades within the community.  The Farmers Market was nothing but full of wonderful organic produce on Tuesday night.  I am now in the throws of planting my flower pots.
This huge tree had a good size ravens nest up near the top.  What a raucous these birds create.  We camped near this tree last year in the Yukon.  By the sound of things, the ravens have another healthy family.  

Breakfast on the road . . . oh, how I love fresh raspberries!

The joys of a campfire lightening up the night!

Miss Sadie enjoying the green lush grass. We don't have grass like this in the village. June 1st (today) is Miss Sadie's Birthday.  She is 9 years old.  Sadie came to us as a rescue 7 years ago! 

As I call Powder King: "My Retirement Community."  I have yet to ski here but I know I would love the place.

Oh, where does the bear crap?  Any place the bear wants!

Boy and his dog.

Girl and her dog. Birthday Girl---my Sadie!

I would say a nice small black bear.

You should be able to see the rear print here.

Mount Robson, is such a stunning peak! 

Camp at Mount Robson.

Our new Mountain Hardware tent, that sleeps two people and two dogs comfortably.

Our Camp Kitchen

Jiffy Pop Popcorn on the fire . . . the secret is vice grips and a leather glove!

Both BC and the Yukon have the greatest picnic tables.  The Yukon tables are a sheet of plywood which makes them HUGE!

Miss Tally who doesn't like bugs!

We camped at the Icefields tent only campground. This place has a lot of fond memories from my mountaineering days.

Coffee a must no matter what! I am always the first one up and the coffee is my job.

I just love evergreen trees. I especially love pines against a high alpine sky with fresh snow on them.

Panorama of our Icefields camp.

Early morning with the Columbia Icefields in the background.