Summer Goal: YOGA!

Summer Goal: YOGA!  All school year I would head either to my ski room or my classroom to do my routine of yoga, sit-ups and some kind of upper body work out on the Ski Erg.  I never had been to a formal yoga class, but have been trying to learn a bit on my own. This summer one of my goals was to get to a yoga studio and to learn more about the art of yoga. I want to be able to do more challenging yoga DVDs once back up north but I want to make sure I am doing things correctly.

Yesterday, I signed up online for a 1.5-hour class at the Shanti Yoga Studio in downtown Whitefish.  I loved it!  My instructor was Ingrid and the class was hatha yoga foundations---I loved it!  Ingrid corrected me and showed me how to do moves properly---this is just what I wanted.  Ingrid was very patient and clear. Of course, I have a lot to learn. I liked that many of the yoga moves I have been doing from my two DVDs were used in this class so I didn't feel totally out to lunch.  

The Shanti Studio is small but with great light, everyone was very pleasant upbeat and welcoming.  Another added bonus is the walk is about 2 blocks max from my back door.  This morning I am heading over to another class which will be vinyasa flow.  All the classes I will go to will be for all levels.  There were folks there who were advanced and have been doing yoga for years I am sure.  I would say everyone enjoyed the class and left with huge smiles on their faces. 

I am thrilled to have found such a nice yoga studio close to my house that offers a wide variety of classes to help push me to learn more about yoga!