Knitting Travels

I am so grateful for this wonderful friendship I have with Lynn.  We meet in AK years ago when we taught in the same rural school.  This was summer knitting visit #6.   

Traditions are a wonderful thing!  Lynn and I agreed years ago we would get together every summer once she left Alaska.  This year, I traveled to Seattle.  Lynn and I traveled on to Birch Bay.  We were able to knit and chat endlessly over tea, coffee or Golden Milk.  

Who doesn't love joining up with a great friend and it feels like you were never ever apart?  What a major score in Lynn!   

On the ferry to Bainbridge Island.  I just love ferry travel on peaceful waters.  I must say I felt like the country mouse as I negotiated light rail, walking city streets to the ferry, and getting to the island. 
Looking back to Seattle.

Jenny and I enjoying a Birch Bay beach walk.

Mount Baker

The wood pile . . . I loved that both Lynn and I know how to stack wood properly with corners and all.  Jenny was the quality control supervisor.

One of Lynn's masterpieces. Her Norwegians as we call them are stellar! The traditional design elements Lynn adds to her knits are spot on stunning!

We had a wonderful day with drizzly rain.  We holed up in front of the fireplace and knitted the day away.

Carraig-Fhada vest a #KateDavies design made some great progress while in Birch Bay.

Not our best photo . . . just great knitting!

Jenny making sure we are getting from point A to point B as only a McNab dog can do!