How to keep an ice pack on a dog?

Our Sadie recently just had surgery to remove a huge mass in her chest. We have been watching this mass develop over the years and have had it tested as well.  She has/had a fat deposit just like people and dogs can develop. The time finally arrived when all parties involved thought that this mass needs to be removed.  Sadie had her surgery. We needed to ice this area to reduce swelling. Over our dog years in rural Alaska where there is no vet at all, we have learned some great little tricks in mending our dogs.

Usually, we use the Ruffwear Cloud Chaser Jacket to help keep her from licking any injury.  We have these jackets for our dogs in Alaska but not here in Montana.  I wanted her to have the ice pack on her incision with our me following her around.  I ran over to Tail Waggers to see if they had any of the Cloud Chaser Jackets on sale or something to help hold the ice/gel pack over Sadie's incision.  No Cloud Chaser but they had another jacket/sweater (it appears they are no longer making this sweater) there and it was even on sale!  SCORE!

I bought a gel pack that is soft, this sweater, and placed the pack in the chest area.  The sweater holds the gel pack in place and helps to reduce the swelling.  Sadie is pretty good about putting up with the ice on and off routine.

Sadie also was attacked by a sled dog years ago and had a hole in her side. We used a Kotex pad stuck to the inside of the jacket and this allowed the injury to drain, not making a mess, and to heal with no licking!

Sadie a bit shaky after surgery.

Sadie in her sweater with the gel pack held into place on her chest by the sweater.
Gel pack

Sadie resting with her dear pal Tally by the stove on a typical Whitefish June day.  Think gray, drizzle, damp, chilly all of which is perfect in front of the gas stove!