HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLOG you are now over 4 YEARS OLD!

I am sure this is just an age thing but I have very mixed feelings about social media.  I even get caught up in all the buzz. I find myself just wasting time looking at various "things" realizing I am just wasting my precious time on earth.

Don't get me wrong sites like Pinterest are a life saver for classroom teachers! I love Pinterest.  Need an art idea within seconds you have great ideas on any topic out there.  I am totally blown away by the creativity people have and how willing people are to share their great ideas.

Ravelry is basically FaceBook for knitters!  I love the forums, access to patterns, yarn, help, you name it you have all of this and more on Ravelry. I do have to watch my time as you can really go down some serious rabbit holes.

For awhile, I was using Twitter which I will say I like far more than Facebook.  The best thing about Twitter was that I only had 1-3 people I actually knew in real life.  I was able to get ski racing results instantly which was great if you are a Nordic/Biathlon skier/coach and no one hardly covers your sports. I also found some killer sites and people who are just rocking the athlete outside world: climbers, hikers, runners, paddlers, endurance folks just people who don't have to use a ball to have a sport. One great find was the Women's Outdoor Alliance.  Once again, I was using Twitter too much for my liking.  I still do find Twitter motivational as I followed various athletes that do things I feel are important and worthwhile.  I am deactivating Twitter and just saying goodbye to my account there.  I was using Twitter too much!

Facebook  . . . just don't get me started as I have to use it for skiing . . . but it is a serious love/hate relationship.  I do sign off after the ski season and I return to it once I am back up north.  I find it to be the village radio which is a helpful tool.  I have to really monitor myself on the ol'FB!

Then there is the blog which I truly like the most!  I have for years been looking at changing over to Wordpress and even had a site set up thinking I would move over to it at some point.  This morning I deleted that site.  Once again BLOGGER will keep me!  I like the simple format and I find BlOGGER really has all the bells and whistles I need to blog.  I blog mostly for myself and enjoy the challenge of forcing myself to write. I love that people stop by to look at photos and to read a bit about my world.  I really enjoy comments . . . I mean who doesn't!

you are now over 


shandy said…
I always think of you and your long trek south when we drive the 350 miles between our two houses. What would summer actually be like on the tundra?

Oh yes - one question. Where would one get wolf urine from exactly, or maybe, how?