Knitting Inspiration---Carraig-Fhada Vest

The inspiration for my current knitting project comes obviously from Kate Davies design.  I would never have come up with a Fair Isle pattern.  One day I may aspire to this level of design but for now, it is a treat to pick up a spot-on, clearly written vest pattern.  I can say everything I knit has some connection to place or time in my life.

The Carraig-Fhada vest is about spring on the tundra.  The emerging colors that come out of the long cold white winter.  The colors that are popping up out of the dirty dusty brown lifeless flora that will become a green rich carpet of life. With over 17 hours of intense sunlight now changes happen fast on the tundra.  We no longer have a dark night sky but rather dusk and the sun is right back up. I miss stars! It wasn't until last spring I realized my discontent with spring/summer up north . . . I want to see the dark night sky with stars! 

While out on one of our tundra walks the colors for this vest all came together for me.  I choose not to use the dark blue and white which I do love the look of but found the Ptarmigan to white for me and I just felt I would get it dirty and be heart broken. I love the Between Weathers blue which I see as the transformation of the gray and old winter going away into the greens and colors of spring.

A great example of the gray, the old snow/ice, and spring coming back.  

The brown tundra and sea ice and a huge sea lead opening up.

Sea ice breaking up, snow and ice melting away all on the gray sandy rocky beach. This gray would be the Haar.

I love this photo of the yellow, golden moss and lichen.  This is the Furze color for me.

The Islay and Yaffle are the fresh greens coming out on the trees and the tundra.

Between Weathers the rich depths of the blue northern sky.

More blues & grays

The gray lichen covered rocks, and a tad bit of Furze moss. 

The classic big sky, the expanse of the tundra, rain clouds, all add up to spring in the north.

I love this photo of the sky, the clouds, the weather, the flora on the tundra before the spring colors arrive.

All these colors come together in my Carraig-Fhada Vest.

This flower is known as the "Wooly Lousewort" or "bumblebee flower" a favorite spring Alaska tundra flower.