Wrapping up Another Ski Season

Skiing is what we do out here as if you haven't noticed.  This was ski season #11 and it ended Saturday afternoon as the skis were being returned to the waxroom.  Coaching is over for the season, but we still ski.

On Saturday, I hit my yearly goal of 100 days on skis.  I like having this goal as it does help get me out the door at times.  The other big reason is I love having a "real" full-time job and I still get in 100 days on the boards sliding around on snow.

Day 100 which wrapped up the ski coaching season . . . now I can just ski with "the girls" & Christian no other commitments.
The tundra snow is already melting/evaporating fast which is normal.  The drifts we ski on will be around for a but yet.  I would love to get in over 125 days but 110 may be a more realistic goal.

One of the many goof-balls we get to ski with!

WolfPack ski fan!

Elementary relay race tag zone.

Skiing on the Dragon's Back with Nulato Hills in the background.  On the other side of those hills, we have the Yukon River.

Sikulik, a long time skier, will be graduating this year and heading to college.  It has been a treat working with him over the years.

Elementary WolfPack ski racers!

End of race and season picnic on the beach.