Spring Skiing

Spring skiing is what many skiers wait for through the winter. The joy of warmer temperatures, sunshine, tan faces, fewer layers, picnics out on the snow, and skiing with your family and friends.  Spring skiing is just a blast!

Yesterday (Monday), I had ski practice at +35ºF!  Yahoo!  Corn snow, sunshine, and smiling kids!

Parachute Popcorn working on making this into some kind of ski game. 

The crew of 1st and 2nd graders plus a few 3rd grade helpers!

This is my last week for organized ski practices our elementary race will be on Friday and Saturday.

After school on Tuesday was the first day I didn't have Race Team practice since December.  I worked a bit in my classroom and then beat feet home.  I grabbed the dogs, my skate gear and out the door, we dashed.  I skied about 13Ks with no one else . . . no kids . . . no adults . . . NO ONE!  Just my dogs, Sadie and Tally, and myself!  The only thing I thought briefly about was the fact I didn't grab the bear spray!  I really need to be carrying that now that spring has arrived here in the north.

This weekend we host our school district's elementary race.  Saturday afternoon about 2:00 our ski season with kids is over and done!  Life will slow down and I can get skiing tidied up in my classroom and my house.