Spring Sea Ice

Spring sea ice is a pretty interesting thing!  As I write, the sea ice is 4.5 miles out from the beach.  The sea ice is 3.5 feet thick.  I know this as one of our students was out the other night with his dad setting a crab pot.  They drove out onto the ice on their snowmachine with a sled.  The sled is a large plastic workhorse used for hauling firewood, caribou, crab pots, and gear.  Arctic used a chain saw to cut a huge hole to set their crab pot and thus the report on the sea ice.

Last week, one of our ski families dropped off two brown king crabs for us as a thank you!  This is a normal thing out here to give thanks with food from the land. Always answer the door here!  More time than not, there is food: crab, salmon, trout, moose, or caribou waiting for us!

Brown king crab on the smaller size but so yummy no matter what!
After school today I dashed down to the beach for the dogs to do the dog thing.  Here are just a few photos of the beach and sea ice.  The water on top of the ice is just that overflow being pushed up along the edge and through the cracks.  I hope these photos give a feel for the magnitude of the sea ice across North Sound.

Looking north towards Blueberry Hills

Sea ice as far as you can see

Looking north

Snow and Ice on the beach

Looking northwest

Looking southeast across the mouth of the river.

The beach and sea ice about 50 yards from our front door.


shandy said…
A friend living in Ontario was gifted packages of moose when she retired. I go as far as pots of blackcurrant jam, made with currants from my allotment.