Good Morning!

I sit facing the computer screen trying to come up with yet another blog posting topic. What have I done lately that would be interesting, what should I be doing, WHAT WHAT WHAT . . . I look out my filthy window into this amazing amount of sunshine pouring into my home in between the dirty spots on window glass and whaaala MORNING!  As many of you know who stop by to read the blog know I love my mornings!

I love routine!  I love getting up with my dogs, Tally and Sadie. Taking them out in the cold, dark, windy winter mornings often under the northern lights.  I don't mind bundling up for the morning walk.  It is the routine. Meanwhile back in the house, the coffee is on a timer and it is brewing away . . . ah, the essence of the morning start!

Now it is officially spring and the puddles no longer have ice on them, the snow is almost completely melted in the village, the mud is drying up, and the temps are staying above 32ºF at night.

The morning solitude, peace and quiet in the village is delightful.  It is rare to see anyone up at this time most of the year.  Now it is bird hunting season and I will see bird hunters heading out as I walk to the tank farm. We all grunt at each other as we pass unless the hunter is one of my former students and then I am greeted with a "Hi, Mrs. P!" Followed by, "You want a duck if I get one?"  "Yes," I reply as most of the bird hunters know we like duck better than the other dinner choices flying overhead this time of the year: geese (a wide variety), crane, or swan.

Once years ago in our staff room, a non-native teacher was looking out the window and said, "Oh look a swan, they are such beautiful birds." The native next to her replied, "Yum they are such good eating!" Thus the different cultures meet!  

I love watching the day emerge from darkness to light, the fresh morning air, dew on the grass, the light shooting across the tundra, the start of a fresh new day full of new possibilities and challenges.

Starting your day early and knowing the day is yours, yours alone to make it the best possible day is the reward for an early start.  This is your time for you and you alone, enjoy the start!