Deactivation! YES! Good Bye FACEBOOK see you in the fall!

Over the years, I have done a variety of things to stay off of facebook during the non-ski-season months. . . I believe this is the 3rd season of FB deactivation.  I have found deactivation is the best way to keep me off of the dreaded "wastebook." When I am done with skiing and all that skiing involves I deactivate FB pronto.  It feels great!  Deactivation forces me to do other things like blog, knit, read, spend more time outside with Christian and the dogs.

I am not better than other people because I deactivate FB.  I do know that I lived almost all of my life without FB. I hardly need it other than the ski season.  It is the best way to get info out to the village folks fast on cancellations and changes.   I often call it the village radio as that was the major form of communication out here in rural of Alaska for decades.

FB lets me share photos of the kids and helps to promote the sport I love. Like everything moderation and usage needs to be kept in check and deactivation is the best method for this for me.

I would encourage folks to take a step away from social media and relax a bit more with those you love and the things you enjoy!