Spring Break: What a fantastic Holiday!

Our Spring Break was busy, crazy, slow, fast and nothing but fun it was a BLAST!

As normal I am just behind with the blog.  I found out that Blogger has finally updated some of their themes.  I, of course, had to change things around a bit.  Blogger thank you for giving us some new options!  I keep toying with moving over to Word Press but now that there are some more updated theme options I will stay here for a bit longer.

Back to Spring Break: 

Our spring break really isn't like spring time in the lower 48 sense of the word SPRING.  We are still covered in snow, the temps are below zero at night and sometimes warming up to above zero. The Iditarod Dog Sled Race is about to roll into the village bring all the fan fair that it does carry. Skiku which is an off shoot of NanaNordic sends out ski coaches.  We put on a community ski race and ski all the time!

Northern lights are often very active at this time of the year.

To be honest it is a just a great time to be out enjoying the land here in full force.

Ski race and great art teacher Robin having FUN!

Indoor laser rifle practice as the ski program here is a biathlon program.

Classic skiing with "the girls" on Worm's Wild Ride.

Miss Tally sporting all her winter gear.

Hunger Games Ski Practice----our new game

Me doing one of my favorite things skiing!

Community Ski Race during the Iditarod.

Endless trail of skiers racing on the Dragon's Back.

Younger race team kids in our new uniforms.

More laser shooting

My Miss Sadie . . . waiting for the next adventure

Really I could be a dog model and I know it!

The Iditarod came and went . . .

The musher on the left I went to college with way back in the day.  I went to greet him to the village.  The guy on the right also went to Paul Smith's College. A reunion of sorts.

Skiku on their last day . . . nothing but great times on skis!  Thank you!

Naps are needed in this house!

On the Bering Sea, sea ice ski under the huge northern sky.

Sea ice

Groomed classic tracks a treat!

Wax room . . . getting ready to head to White Mountain for our regional meet.

Transportation down from the runway into the village of White Mountain.
Happy ski coach on the trail, sunshine and trees!

Finished a pair of socks I casted-on last April or May. Sock yarn from Polkadot Sheep of course in Whiskey Spring.

Sea Ice, beach ski to relax after a weekend of ski racing . . . a spot of tea!

A busy time but who can beat this weather and all this fun!