Iditarod & SKIKU! It must be Spring!

One of the great joys of living in Unalakleet is that we live on the Iditarod Dog Sled Trail.  Unalakleet is a major checkpoint, as the mushers hit the coast here and have all new elements to deal with as they head north to Nome.

A little bit about UNK only we have about 725 people living here.

Thursday night in the Community Center, longtime musher Junie Towarak was talking about his days on the Iditarod Trail and life with his dogs.  In his time once he got to Nome he would then turn around and run his team back home as he didn't have the funds to fly the team home.
I was heading out to ski practice and the berms have been set in place for the dog teams. Unalakleet is known/named for "When the East Wind Meets the Sea." The berms give protection to the teams from the winds and also quiet time to rest.
Last night, I went out for an evening ski and stopped by the checkpoint to see if any dog sleds had arrived.  These sleds are here waiting for their mushers.  The mushers may switch out sleds for the coast run.  These sleds may be lighter for less dogs online to pull, or their other sleds may have been damage and they have a backup waiting for them at the UNK checkpoint.

I love this time of the year here as it is still winter!  The ground is covered in snow, the sea is covered in ice, the sky is blue as can be, the stars are as bright as can be, northern lights are often dancing around for us all to be forever grateful for and LIFE IS PRETTY AMAZING!  In fact, I am constantly thinking nothing can be better than this and need to remind myself this is my LIFE!  I am so grateful for all that I do have and for Mother Nature opening up this great strecth of endless beauty no matter what direction I look.

Recent Northern Lights here in Unalakleet. Taken by a friend, about 2 weeks ago

No matter how many times I see the lights I am truly amazed by their magic.  Grateful beyond words to be able to say I see the lights often!

Yesterday at 3:30:01 Spring Break started!!!!!!!!!!!!  As a teacher, HOLIDAYS are always a treat!  As a ski coach . . . more ski time is a treasure!  On the 8th our first ski coach from SKIKU arrived to work with our skiers.  This is a wonderful organization that reaches out to the rural Alaskan communities to promote nordic skiing.  Yesterday, four more coaches arrived and they will be here until Thursday skiing with our skiers, and offering adult ski lessons. The first thing I do is toss them into the wax room to help wax about 30 pairs of skis for our Community ski race on Monday.  They are all top skiers that have a passion for the sport and can not wait to instill that love of skiing with others.

Yesterday, my Kate Davies Buachaille yarn arrived for a Fair Isle Vest I will be casting-on soon!
Spring break is looking pretty darn perfect, skiing with kids and learning from visiting coaches, watching the Iditarod, oh some Northern Lights tossed into the mix, and a new knitting project!


Barb Gecas said…
As always, some awesome photos! Thank you for that. Looks like you have a great week planned--Enjoy!
Barb G in northern MN
shandy said…
That Buachaille does not look like the ptarmigan you swatched for. Have you changed your mind on the base colour?
knitski said…
for Shandy:
I did go back to the Haar. I debated a lot about the Ptarmigan and how long it would stay WHITE! I will see how it all looks together. I thought the ptarmigan was just a bit to white for my liking.