Iditarod 2017 Unalakleet Checkpoint

Photos from the top mushers coming into the Unalakleet Checkpoint today March 12th, 2017.

Wade Marrs arriving coming down the Unalakleet River.

In the back-ground Nicolas Petit is approaching.

Wade Marrs

Nicolas Petit

Nicolas feeding/snacking dogs.

Nicolas's dog

Mitch came in loaded food and items from his drop bag.

Mitch leaving . . . he was just here minutes!

Dallas and team arriving

Dallas's team

Wade Marrs' team

These photos I took and the ones above my husband took.  Below the photos didn't load in order but they are all from today.

Walking up to the check point

Mitch leaving--like lighting!
Mushers' bags

One of my favorite mushers!

Sleds and of course Dee Dee's in pink!

Sled for Allen Moore or Aliy!

Wade Marrs coming into the check point.

Receiving his gold for arriving at the coast first! 

He was so sincere and humble!

Mitch organizing and packing food for the trail.

Mitch checking in and organizing

Nicolas Petit so comforting to his team!

One of the vets, he also visited my classroom.

Dallas arriving

One of Dallas's dogs soaking up the sunshine.


What a treat! Thank you!!!