The Refugio

Refugio: a shelter or safe place, usually one thinks of Refugio up in the mountains or in a remote place (This is my definition.)

At least 5 days a week I spend time in my Refugio as I like to call the place I work out in here in the village.  This is presently my classroom as it is the only place with a large enough open floor space to do yoga and a sit up routine.  The other place is the wax room but that is not possible with ski season in full motion.  I call my room "The Refugio" as it is that space one needs to go to for a break.  It brings up great images of a mountain hut up high in the alpine world I love.

Look at this great Refugio
The above Refugio is located int he Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.  It looks like a wonderful place to relax, slow down, and to soak up some peace.

Here is Refugio Frey in Argentian outside of Bariloche. If you have never been in this part of the world I can highly recommend a visit.
These are places I think of as I head over for my morning work out in my classroom.  A place of peace, quiet, and open country.

This cabin above is in Montana and you can rent it from the forest service.  In the winter you can ski into Beaver Creek Cabin. During the snow-free months, you can drive, bike, or hike into the cabin.

Although my classroom and wax room at not high alpine cabins I still get a sense of peace and quiet as I start my days.

The other new addition to the time in the Refugio is Salomon TV ski videos!   These are amazing and they really inspire me, plus connect me to the ski world on a different level that I do miss. My other favorite video that I watch through sit-ups and my back yoga routine is this one set up high in the Italian Alps.

I feel it is important that we all have a Refugio. A place one can go to, to draw energy from, that gives us peace, and yet inspires us all on some personal level.


shandy said…
I really admire your ability to look on the bright side. I spent nearly forty years as a teacher myself, but I don't think I would have described my classroom as a refugio. Now that I go to the gym regularly I do appreciate the calming effect of vigorous exercise - and I miss it if I am away.
Love the colours on that vest!