Living The Dream . . . Reality Check!

These photos remind me of why I do what I do in life.  I live in a rural mostly Inupiaq village on the shores of Norton Sound which is just off the Bering Sea.  Life has it challenges out here and it has great rewards!  It is usually when I come in from being outside with my husband or the kids from here I have to stop and think how grateful I am . . . and I find myself saying, "You are living your Dream!"  Work can be hard and frustrating! Then I get outside and the world opens up and the faces smile and we all have a blast!

Living my dream . . . I am humbled and so grateful!

Last weekend, some of our race team skiers are out for a ski tour.  I am thrilled as there is snow on the trees, no wind, and warm.

Today's sun setting into the Bering Sea as we ski.  Our days are now about 4hours and 40 minutes long and it was about +10ºF out.
Our race team is mostly kids in grades 5-8 and a few high schoolers.

The village in the distance.  Due to our stormy weather, we have to drive out to ski, but at least we are skiing.

Sun set was a burst of color.

New Year's Day ski!  After our storms, the skiing was such a treat and so much better than we had thought!

Trail work: our snow fences we make out of pallets.  They help to build drifts so we can ski on the drifts.  It is quite a project but it works!

Sadie the ski dog!

My yoga partner . . .

Christian the groomer!  His dad was a groomer on Big Mtn.  It runs in the family!  I get fresh groom corduroy daily!

We have two sleds we pull for grooming and this is the older one but perfect for where we have to ski now.

My latest creation which is almost done.  A combo of chunky Shetland and Unspun Icelandic wool.  During our storming Christmas holiday, I was able to knit like a crazy lady.  The end result is I may have a new sweater this weekend!