Happy New Year & Welcome 2017!

Good Morning 2017!  
Another new year is upon us. I always like a new beginning.  I think this may be why I love the mornings so much!  A new start in life daily . . . who could ask for more?  I write an email to my dear friend Lynn most mornings and I often feel she gets all the good stuff in those letters. Somehow, I want that writing to be present in my blog. 

Here it is January 2nd.  I am not a person so much for resolutions but rather challenges and changes for myself are a good thing.  

Two years ago I gave up wheat and have done well with that challenge.  I think about eating it every once in a while but truly I know I will never go back to that unhealthy food.  The main reason is I feel GREAT NOT EATING WHEAT!  I would recommend giving it a try but first please read Wheat Belly and Dr. William Davis work and be educated about this choice.  I would also recommend Dr. David Perlmutter work as well. Be well informed and educated before you give this HUGE lifestyle change a try.  One of my goals for this year is to get back on track with this healthy lifestyle by watching the carbs I eat as I don't keep this under control like I should.  I am presently cutting back on sugars as much as I can and trying my best to stay away from the NO-NO carbs.  I love eating healthy organic food, foods that are not processed and from a bag, box or who knows where.  I want my foods to be organic, non-GMOs, and I want to know where it comes from!  I know what the food industry and big business have done to us!  All you have to do is look around . . . it is disgusting!  

Next on the "To Do List" is to continue the daily workouts.  I love this routine and it works for me!  Five days a week I head to my classroom to use the SkiErg a great piece of exercise equipment from Concept Two. This equipment is for nordic skiing and I have been impressed with how great it works.  It has certainly helped to strengthen my upper body don't be fooled!  The SkiErg works your whole body!  If you have never used exercise equipment from Concept Two I would highly recommend taking the time to try some of their pieces.  I also include a simple 8-10 minute sit-up routine and a yoga routine for my back.  After work, I ski with the ski team or on my own just about every day in the winter.  I always get to 100 ski days a year but am always trying to push my days to 125 or more on skis.

Knitting:  I need to use up my stash as I have a healthy amount of yarn that needs to just be knitted!  I hope to knit another Lopi sweater for myself in an upcoming KAL on Ravelry.  The other sweater I hope to knit this year is a Norwegian as I call this style.  This sweater I will be designing myself and it will be a traditional Norwegian sweater. I have some ideas for motifs which will need incorporate snow, northern lights, and may be some kind of pine tree . . . I also have these amazing buttons with cross-country skiers on them a true treasure!

Blogging is something I have ended up really enjoying!  I have said many times I am not a great writer, but I do enjoy blogging.  I often think of moving this blog over to WordPress and I never follow through on the migration . . . still thinking about this possibility.

I went back to last year to see my Goals & Challenges from 2016 which are concise.  I will just leave them here and add 2017!

Goals & Challenges for 2016 & 2017

1. Continue with the No Wheat and No Grains eating, try to eliminate corn especially if it is not organic, and reduce meal size and carbs.
2. Learn more about Wheat Free/Grain Free and eating and improving good gut health.

3. Ski, hike, bike, walk, morning workouts---stay as consistently & active as possible!

4. Read more!

5. Keep work simple and be efficient and effective.
6.  Remember it is often best to keep one's mouth closed more often than not!

7.  Certainly not least but be positive and spend as much time as I can with my wonderful husband and our two fantastic dogs!

Christian and I at the Christmas tree lighting 2016.

Sadie, my girl!  I love this 4-legged companion of mine she has taught me a lot over the years!

Tea and knitting . . . life is grand!

Current sweater which will be done today or tomorrow . . . Knit On!


shandy said…
Reading over your entries - how can you have written so many, so quickly? It makes me feel cold just looking at those piles of sea ice. Today we had frost on the rooftops of our outhouses, real white frost, so it feels cold to us. Then I see those almond scones and marmalade, not to mention that chocolate mixture... I guess it takes more calories to stay warm in your climate!!