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The Refugio

Refugio: a shelter or safe place, usually one thinks of Refugio up in the mountains or in a remote place (This is my definition.)

At least 5 days a week I spend time in my Refugio as I like to call the place I work out in here in the village.  This is presently my classroom as it is the only place with a large enough open floor space to do yoga and a sit up routine.  The other place is the wax room but that is not possible with ski season in full motion.  I call my room "The Refugio" as it is that space one needs to go to for a break.  It brings up great images of a mountain hut up high in the alpine world I love.

The above Refugio is located int he Pyrenees mountains between Spain and France.  It looks like a wonderful place to relax, slow down, and to soak up some peace.

These are places I think of as I head over for my morning work out in my classroom.  A place of peace, quiet, and open country.

This cabin above is in Montana and you can rent it from the forest service.  …

Vest: Carraig Fhada

At long last, I have found a color work vest that I want to knit!  I joined Kate Davies club: Inspired By Islay for the winter.  Last week this amazing vest pattern arrived in my inbox. I became instantly smitten with one of the variations of the Carraig Fhada vest!

I went right to my leftover skeins from the Seven Skein club. This was a previous Kate Davies club.  In this club, Kate introduced her own line of yarn called Buachaille.  I thought for once I will knit a proper swatch for this vest with the colors I do have to get my gauge sorted out.

More notes can be found on my Ravelry project page as well for my new vest!

Living The Dream . . . Reality Check!

These photos remind me of why I do what I do in life.  I live in a rural mostly Inupiaq village on the shores of Norton Sound which is just off the Bering Sea.  Life has it challenges out here and it has great rewards!  It is usually when I come in from being outside with my husband or the kids from here I have to stop and think how grateful I am . . . and I find myself saying, "You are living your Dream!"  Work can be hard and frustrating! Then I get outside and the world opens up and the faces smile and we all have a blast!
Living my dream . . . I am humbled and so grateful!

Happy New Year & Welcome 2017!

Good Morning 2017!   Another new year is upon us. I always like a new beginning.  I think this may be why I love the mornings so much!  A new start in life daily . . . who could ask for more?  I write an email to my dear friend Lynn most mornings and I often feel she gets all the good stuff in those letters. Somehow, I want that writing to be present in my blog. 
Here it is January 2nd.  I am not a person so much for resolutions but rather challenges and changes for myself are a good thing.  
Two years ago I gave up wheat and have done well with that challenge.  I think about eating it every once in a while but truly I know I will never go back to that unhealthy food.  The main reason is I feel GREAT NOT EATING WHEAT!  I would recommend giving it a try but first please read Wheat Belly and Dr. William Davis work and be educated about this choice.  I would also recommend Dr. David Perlmutter work as well. Be well informed and educated before you give this HUGE lifestyle change a try.  One…