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13 Weeks Later----Day 1 on Skis!

13 weeks ago today I was just out of knee surgery for a torn meniscus.
Today, I was on snow, on my skis, on my beloved tundra, ski touring! 

I love tundra cruising as I call it.  Most of you will look at the photos and think "Gosh you ski on that crud!"  You know it and if I have learned anything in my soon to be 12 years of working and skiing out here you never ever take anything for granted!

I am just over the top happy and grateful to be back on skis again!  I can thank the great surgeon I had as well as the wonderful staff at Whitefish Therapy & Sport Center in Montana.  The two therapists I worked with there were amazing!  I will be curious to see what skate skiing will be like on my knee.  After today skiing, I think I will be able to return to all my normal ski activities this winter.

Health Prescriptions GET OUTDOORS!

This is the type of Health Care I LOVE!

I am so proud of physicians and park employees who are making this prescription possible for people in their communities (the article is from April 2015).  I love that there are medical professionals who are prescribing the outdoors as an alternative to popping pills! 

I know many of us know that the outdoors is the way to good health, and mental well being.  We may not have scientific evidence but we do have antidotal knowledge on a personal level.  Below are several links promoting the use of parks "parkrx prescriptions" supporting what many of us have known innately.…

It arrived . . .

Most of you are most likely thinking snow but no! Life moves on and we are all certainly along for the ride through aging.  I have mixed thoughts on this years DAY yeap I am 58 years old.  For some reason, I have thought more about this number than other numbers for many years.  I think the last BIG number for me was actually 28 as I was almost 29 and what was I doing with my life because after all, I was almost 30!  Then I just went through all these years having birthdays and not really thinking much about having birthdays at all.  Another year,  life moves forward.  I am not a big birthday person as I don't need everyone to know it is my birthday (yah, right I am blogging about it).  I think it is nice to mark the passing of time.  I like the passing of seasons, another year, and another year on earth doing all the things I love to do.

As I write this post we have a nice big old fall storm blowing in from the Bering Sea.  Winds are clocking in around 40mph, rains are lashing th…


We live in a fairly good size place when you consider it is teacher housing in rural Alaska.  Don't get me wrong it is a million times better than our first place here in the village.  I appreciate the housing we have it is clean and was new 10 years ago.  We are the only ones who have lived in it!  As the season turns to colder temperatures the gear becomes a bit of an issue.  When you deal with temperatures that can go anywhere from 32ºF to minus 45ºF in no time at all and this is not wind chill . . . you tend to have a lot of gear!  I often feel a bit like I live in the early locker room stage of my life and the gear was just decorations.  Now at almost 58, I guess I still live like this still . . . I can never tell if that is a good thing or not.  I go to friends houses and they are all rather neat and tidy.  I would say our place is really pretty functional for us but still, there is gear all over the place!  We do spend a good amount of time outside. Just getting in our plac…

I don't eat WHEAT!

Honestly, I am not sure where I am going with this post but I feel I need to say something about this fact "I don't eat WHEAT!"  It has been almost 3 years ago that I stopped eating wheat as an experiment.  I started on the winter solstice and went until the summer solstice.  I had hoped if I made it a month that would be great but after a month I felt so much better I didn't want to stop.  I made 6 months and I didn't want to stop and now well I just don't eat wheat.  I have been lax at times about other grains--organic popcorn.  I have not wheat as far as I know. UNTIL LAST NIGHT!  We were invited to a friends house for dinner and were told we would have halibut.  Once we walked in there was homemade bread which is fine as we were not the only ones dining.  Our host said that she made the bread and was a bit miffed when I said, "Oh I don't eat wheat" which we have discussed several times as she is a vegetarian.  Since we have had this discuss…

Ol'Blue--AKA Carraig-Fhada Vest & Knitting Trolls

I do this all the time . . . I get knitting on some rather large or complicated project and then PROCRASTINATION hits.  This procrastination usually strikes when I am getting close to a rather complicated part of the project. Say steeking, or some complicated decrease section. The Fair Isle vest I am presently knitting just had a procrastination lull.  I knitted 3 pairs of mittens and joined a test knit on a very interesting hat pattern soon to be released.  Ol'Blue was set aside and let me tell you Ol'Blue was not happy about this lull in his becoming a vest!  Ol'Blue called out the damn Knitting Trolls.  Some of you may have Knitting Gnomes, of Nast Knitting Fairies  . . . I have Knitting Trolls.  These little buggers love to get into your knitting and reek havoc at all cost!  Basically, it is payback time for ignoring Ol'Blue!  He called the Trolls in and I will admit I most likely deserved it! 
In the back of my mind, I kept thinking I am sure I held the blue in my…


Who doesn't love FOOD!  I am often asked how do you get food living 400 air miles from any major stores.  We do buy food before we come out to the village and ship it out to ourselves.  This food tends to be the staples.  We also order food on Amazon often throughout the year.  We stopped eating wheat 3 years ago. We do need to order items that will never ever be stocked in our two small stores here in the village.  
We just switched to a new produce vendor.  I am very happy with their produce, shipping rates and packaging.  Alaska Food NetWork is proving to be a great new company here in Alaska.

I am always after the perfect crisp cookie!  These came out pretty good but I think I could work with the recipe a bit more.  Almond flour, crystallized ginger, ginger snap.  I scooped out the dough and then flattened them with parchment paper.  I did this to have a flat, crisper cookie.

Our first box from Alaska Food NetWork and it was a treat!  Everything we ordered was int he box, ite…

Knitting for "The Knit Girls"

I have a crew of girls I knit for and they are awesome young gals!  I love to knit for them for several reasons.  They wear what I knit to the point of wearing the items out.  This is not because they are rough they just use what I knit!  Like one of them says, "Wool keeps me the warmest!"  Many people never ever learn this simple truth!  They come up with it itches, it is too hot, it is too difficult to wash . . . like EZ would state (rephrased): "Be glad you weren't born in the middle ages you would never have made it to adulthood!"  To me, there is wool and only 100% wool!  The girls needed mittens and in about 10 days I knitted up 3 pairs of mittens!  I am now pretty sure I have this pattern memorized and could knit a pair of mittens up pretty darn fast if needed.

Pair three I guess I didn't take any photos of you!  Sorry and the 4th pair I had knitted years ago and never wore them so they went to their equally wonderful mom!   Mittens---done & tha…

Tundra Time and The Knee

We are of course all the way back up north for another school year. Classes have started up in full force. We (as in us and the village) are all back to the school routines.

I am up five days a week at 5:00 a.m. to take the dogs out, enjoy that precious first cup of coffee, check email and then off to "The Refugio" as I call the waxroom this time of the year.  The village is usually silent at this early hour. I love greeting my day in peace and quiet.  We have had some northern lights when we were first back. HOWEVER, major bummer since being back almost every morning our skies have been cloudy. Even with all the solar flares which give us great northern lights due to the clouds, I was not able to view the lights!

I am now at week 8 after knee surgery.  I am really doing very well and I have learned to be patient, to go easy when my knee is feeling a bit rough, to push myself with my PT routines, and that time is the major factor in recovery.  Some weeks were painful with a …