Shetland Oo and Life on the Tundra

Shetland Oo wool textiles work is a recently released book by Kate Davies and her husband Tom Barr.  Kate is one of my favorite bloggers/writers, designers, and yarn producers.  I found Kate years ago through a knitting friend on Ravelry.  She suggested Kate's blog and right away I was hooked!  At that time, Kate had recently suffered a stroke and was working her way back from this horrific time in her life.  

I was taken right away by Kate. She was writing about her battle to regain her life and health.  Her world was turned upside down! Yet, Kate was able to grab onto the fiber she loved (wool) and pull herself upright in a new direction.  This was not an easy battle, but I learned a lot from her blog posts.  The key point I learned was never ever to judge a person and their struggle to move at all, but rather to lend a hand or a kind word of encouragement. It wasn't that I was judging people (just having a hard time finding the right words here) but Kate's writing just made me realize how important it is to see the whole person and to cheer that person on with compassion.  Kate struggled and fought hard and I can never imagine her journey.

In the process, Kate seemed to have discovered many new talents.  As an outsider looking in on Kate's accomplishments, I can not think that the stroke unleashed a Kate of her dreams or new dreams.  

If you are not familiar with Kate Davies work I can do nothing but suggest you take a look at her blog and her work.  Like myself, you may have found a new cyber-friend! 

I was taken by the fact she was in Scotland and as we know all great wool and many great knitters come from Scotland.  She has a black lab named Bruce.  I have two dogs each mixed with Weimaraner.  Tally is also mixed with a lab and Sadie is mixed with an Akbash.  Kate knits. I knit. Kate walks the hills of Scotland. I walk the beach, tundra, and hills of Alaska.  In the summer I hike the mountains of Montana.  

I have been very impressed with Kate's detailed knit patterns and her knitting/fiber research.  I have only just started reading Shetland Oo. I am enjoying her new book immensely. In between skiing/coaching, trail work, and knitting, I will read snippets with a nice cuppa tea! 

Thank you, Kate, Tom, and Bruce for another wonderful read about Real 100% Wool!

On needles socks, plain old vanilla socks using PDS Tender Foot from Montana's Knit 'N Needle in Whiskey Spring.
The girls a bit wore out after a ski practice that turned rather cold fast.  This often happens to us up here in the north.  Never worry they are in booties and jackets.  

I was greeted by this at 5:50 a.m. We had howling winds all night 35 to 52 mph.  Thus the snow inside the front porch or many of you would call this the mud room. Despite our efforts to keep the snow outside, we end up with a drift inside.  Nothing like shoveling out the inside of your house to get outside with the dogs!


kristieinbc said…
I'm a huge Kate Davies fan as well, and got her latest book for Christmas. Now that my guests have gone I'm looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and reading it. Happy New Year!
knitski said…
Enjoy your read! I am reading slooowly!