Sea Ice

Yesterday, after work I took the dogs down to the beach. They needed to romp around a bit as all week it has been -20ºF.  The "Girls" have spent far too much time inside during this cold snap. I put their jackets on and no booties as they just needed to get out for a run.  The sea ice on the beach is all piled up and stacked like giant rock candy.  The ice chunks are very clean.  The sun was setting and I didn't have my camera which I normally do---dang it!  I watched the best part then ran home to grab my camera.  This body of water is called Norton Sound which is part of the Bering Sea. I will certainly get down there tonight with the big Nikon to get some photos.  There is sea ice literally as far as you can see up and down the beach it is amazing!  The beauty is just stunning . . . Mother Nature at her best!

Where you can see the steam that is from open water/lead.  Overflow is water that is coming up onto the ice through a crack. This warm sea water is causing all this steam as it hits the colder air.

Sadie sporting her Ruffwear jacket.  Our dogs prefer this model as they seem to like the full leg movement.  This jacket covers their backs and chests but not completely.  They always seem warm as can be in their Quinzee. Under those jackets is a wonderful place to warm my hands too!

This morning we have a nice roasty toasty +7ºF!  It really feels nice and warm out there today!  I hope it warms up and the snow gods arrive to make this ski coach very happy!