December Happenings (part II)

Continuation of December 2017 . . .
This is the 12/29 storm that has rolled into the village.  This grab was from 6:00 a.m. today. I for one love a good storm and we are to have this storm for a good part of today then warming, rain (UGH WHAT??), possible flooding and well . . . the joys of winter on the northern coast of Alaska!

This is where we live and this is a recent photo from about a week ago. Unalakleet river to the left and slough we cross for skiing. Norton Sound and the Bering Sea to the right.

One of my favorite events is the yearly lighting of the community Christmas Tree!

Here we are loving our Christmas Holiday . . .

Trail work . . . moving the pallets to build the drifts we will be grooming later.

Sadie warming up at the end of a ski.  Tally rarely gets cold feet but Sadie does and I carry this pad for myself to sit or stand on as well for Sadie.

Skiing in freezing fog/mist and covered in ice.  I could not be happier.

Can you say "Time to frog and start over!"

See snow actual snow is yes falling!

Another beach sea ice WOW moment!

Almond flour orange poppy seed scone with homemade marmalade!

My girl hoping for a treat!

Tea time trail break a must!

Heading in from a tundra ski.

I just love frost, snow, winter . . .

A wonderful recent discover of tea we can get with our Full Circle Farm Weekly organic food order.

Window decorations . . .

One of the other special village Christmas events.  This is Ladies Night at the Garage.  The Garage is one of our two stores.  They open it up in the evening one night for ladies and one night for men for Christmas shopping.  I love the event and we try our best not to miss out on a village shopping spree.

What a ski groomer's yard looks like!  Pallets getting hauled out for ski trails, grooming equipment . . . I love it!

We use the pallets to build drifts and them move them up onto of the drifts.  This helps us to maintain the trails with our high winds and sometimes flooding.  Only a physics teacher would come up with this bit of trail engineering.

Christmas Day Ski on the Dragon's Back.  This snow fence makes it possible to have a ski program in the absolute worst cross-country ski conditions on the face of the earth!

Merry Christmas to all we got our wish snow and good health!

Two of my loves!

Thought provoking thought. I will leave you with this . . . please do all you can to help protect our natural world as we go into 2017!