December Happenings (Part I)

December is a busy time for just about everyone I would say!  Either you work retail, or you need to put on a Christmas event for family or friends or gosh the list goes on . . .  I feel the need to bring you all up to date on my December.  It is time to wrap up the year and look forward to 2017!

Early December I spent being miserable as there was no real snow to speak of and the skiing was not the best.  Followed by trying to get ski gear out to kids, finishing up the semester, and arriving at my Christmas HOLIDAY--- of FREEDOM!

Since this is my Blog I am going to go with a bit of a photo essay post! My goal is to get caught up and current before heading into 2017!

Early Dec. saw wonderful sea ice which I was fascinated by.  The girls and I spent a lot of time walking on the beach. It was a very  cold ride on the 4-wheeler to get out on the tundra. How could anyone pass up this amazing jumbled up sea ice!

The girls and I out for a ski on the tundra on the small ponds that will soon be covered in far more snow than this.  This is desperation skiing!

More sea ice this is about 4 to 5 feet high.  It is pushed up onto the beach from winds, tides, and waves.

Just loving being out in the cold!

My Ms. Sadie--my buddy!

Little Ms. Tally my other constant companion.

The ice was just stunning.  I just could not get enough of this stark beauty!

Sunset over Norton Sound part of the Bering Sea.
I melt down chocolate bars and add coconut oil to the mixture plus sliced almonds some dried fruit and let it all cool.  I will cut this up and use it for my ski snack.

A wonderful little set up of tea from my dear friend Lynn!

My wool hand knitted Long Johns!  I have found these to be the warmest things I own.  When the temps drop to below zero I will be skiing in these tights from now on.   PDS DK weight yarn.
More will come on this sweater . . . my current Lopi design knitted with Shetland Chunky and Unspun Icelandic Wool (which I have fallen in love with)!

A project that came out too large . . . before felting.

Saying goodbye to fall as we move to the solstice!