The Lopi Sweater: A Love Affair

I have always loved the Lopi sweater and have been intrigued by Iceland. I am not sure where or how the love affair started but I suspect it was with L.L. Bean.  The Icelandic sweaters they had for sale in their catalog while I was growing up always caught my eye.  When I was about 19 (the late 1970s) I finally was given and Icelandic sweater from L.L. Bean by my parents.  I loved it and I still have that sweater in our storage unit at home.  I have thought of cutting it up to make it into a pillow. I also have dreams of wearing it again . . . I am hoping I will fit into again instead!

Here I am sporting my loved Icelandic sweater from L.L. Bean!  I should look at this sweater this summer, chart it out, and knit another one using this pattern!
I have always wanted to knit sweaters.  It took a long time to learn to knit and to put all the pieces together to be the knitter I am today.  In my mind, a real knitter knits Iceland or Lopi sweaters, Norwegian ski sweaters or Fair Isle.  I love color work and these styles were my goal!  If I could knit them I would be a "REAL KNITTER."

Recently, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of the Lopi sweater!  I love the patterns!  The bold geometric shapes, the creative designs that abound today, the colors are rich and vibrant.

Below is my current project which is a mix of two different yarns.  I am on a destashing kick. This destashing trend just happened! I have no complaints as I have yarn that really needs to be knitted up and worn. The gray yarn is actually a Jamieson's Chunky Shetland that was gifted to me from my Aunt.  Here this yarn is in the beginning stages of a vest. I recently have decided, I want a break from anything with a button band. The vest was frogged and has now turned into two sleeves.  I am pairing this yarn up with Unspun Icelandic Wool or Plötulopi.  The sweater will be a pullover and the color work design I will be using is Annika from The Best of Lopi.  There will be some slight modifications in my sweater as it will be a closer fitting sweater to wear for skiing when it is minus whatever here on the tundra. 

These are the colors I will be using for this sweater.  On the left is a very pale gray.  The pattern has 3 colors but I am going to try to get a 4th color worked into the design.  This is to help with destashing and more color is always a good thing in my world.

Sleeve #1 on the needles.  US 10 needle 4 sts to an inch with a provisional cast on. At present, I am thinking of an icord trim but may change to a knitted hem.