Procrastination & STILL . . . WAITING FOR SNOW! Photos--lots!

Here I sit in November which for your non-knitting folks is the month of "Wovember"   and all things wooly are just wonderful.  The world would be even more wonderful if I looked out my window and there was glistening snow covering everything.  There is no snow at all . . . well, I take that back we have had a few flakes after our original snows in October.  All of that snow melted, left, and is GONE!  This weekend we had just a bit of snow, not even a dusting just flakes of snow.  This whole global warming and lack of snow really pisses me off! I wish we would return to a mini-ice age!

Let's start with PROCRASTINATION or should I put this off a bit more hehe Eee!

I am an amazingly great procrastinator!  I have this trait down to a science and I am very productive when I procrastinate.  The project I am procrastinating over is the crochet button band on the sweater posted below.

The girls are ready to head out on the tundra.  You can see something one might try to call snow on the ground.  The village isn't very pretty at this time of the year. Two adults also fit on the MG convertible as I am starting to call the 4-wheeler.

Saturday's walk.  If you look close you will see the stick flying through the air that Tally is in hot pursuit of said stick.
The southern hills in a light blanket of snow.
At about +20ºF and no snow.

Snow in the distance over by the villages of St. Michael's and Stebbins.

Last weekends almond flour orange poppy seed scone---dang good I will add!
One of my procrastination projects.  Christmas stocking for my nephew Giovanni.
Last weekend's beach walk on a stellar day.
Tally a little bummed as she does not have a moose nose to chew on like Sadie!
Nothing like a moose nose for a snack so yummy!

Really, can I take this home, Please!

Another procrastination project--#2!  A functional but ugly dishcloth.  Our dish clothes are in varying degrees of old and worn out.  I am trying to use up stash, more on this later!

This sweater is for my grand niece and I need to get to the button band!  I loved the pocket design as well as the sweater. This, of course, is a Kate Davies design:  Bláithín 
A steek for me is far easier than a button band!

Where's the button band?

I grabbed this off of twitter and I didn't get the site.  I never thought about how the fall equinox is about half from summer to winter.  I knew this but really like this schematic.

Procrastination project # 3.  I have wanted to knit this felted slipper pattern for years.  The button band pushed me right to knitting up a pair of slippers!  It is a very simple design with a bit of engineering tossed into the mix. 
My DH suggested that I use masking tape to label the sections.  This made the construction so easy!

All sections labeled and ready to be sewn together.
Before the washer . . .

Drying away

Don't you just love this one!  Thank goodness for sheep, shepherds, wool, designers, yarn shops, oh the lists goes on . . . Do support your local yarn shops and wool producers!

I will leave you all with this little quote from the Washington Post!  Soon this crazy election will be over!  I know my candidate won't win but will be paving the way for third parties in the future!

I started this post pre-election and am just getting back to it now Nov. 18th.  I certainly don't need to have a tantrum about the election but I would like all of us to make sure that we each fight for what is near and dear to your hearts.  Hold the elected officials accountable . . . for me it is the environment, healthy organic foods, and health care.

Be kind to yourself and others, be a role model in making our world a better place for all!