Off & On the Knitting Needles

I have been on a bit of roll here with knitting and getting WIPs (Works in progress) off the needles.  I tend to do this a bit of needle cleaning!  All work must be DONE!  If you are a Ravelry member then you can find some of my projects listed on my projects page "knitski".  I am not a great one for keeping up with my projects there either.  Details . . . I am not a detail person at all!

Bláithín #2  headed south as well and it was a fun knit once again.  I did change the button band to a crochet.  I didn't want to knit a steeked sandwich again.

Buttons just placed for setting up the holes.

On the board


I loved the pockets on this sweater just a nice detail.

These slippers headed south last week. I am curious to see which grand niece they will fit and then who else will want a pair.


shandy said…
"Headed South"? I wondered what this could mean, but then I got it - everything is South for you! In England something "going South" would be worn out! Love the colour of that Blaithin.