Beginning of the 2016 & 2017 Ski Season

First Day on skis this year (2016_17 ski season) was November 19th. We still don't have much snow here on the tundra.  I am have become used to skiing on very limited snow coverage.  The tundra is actually rather forgiving as it is not too rocky. 
My favorite type of ski, if I could only have one pair, would be a metal edge, waxless touring skis.  I have two pairs, this narrow Rossignol pair and a wider pair of Fischers.
Christian setting up snow fences on top of Picnic Hill.  We use these palettes to build snow drifts to cover areas that get scoured from our high winds.  This is what a certain physics teacher figures out in his free time---it works great!
We are always happy when  we are back on snow!

A ski is not complete without a tea break!

Sadie laying on my insulate pad warming up her toes.  I carry a pad to sit or stand on, plus the dogs can rest on the pad to warm up a bit.

Heading home after our first ski of the season.

Late afternoon cooler colors.

My Sadie decked out in her Ruffwear Jacket and Harness.  Traditional dog mushing booties with cross-country ski straps holding them in place.

Break time
Ah so pretty--my girl Sadie!

Little Miss Tally who never ever gets worn out, and will chase a stick forever!

Thanksgiving Day ski over on the Dragon's Back.  It looks like the Dragon is back but still in ill health.  Sven will need the skiers to bring him back healthy and strong!
(This is part of my story I tell--that should be made into a book!)

Nulato Hills to the south

The northern setting sun about 3:00 p.m. I love this time of year as we move into the darkness of the winter solstice.

Sadie the lap dog at 80 pounds warming me up during tea time.

Bliss is being back on skis . . . long northern shadows, darkness creeping in more and more each day, the return of winter!