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Beginning of the 2016 & 2017 Ski Season

First Day on skis this year (2016_17 ski season) was November 19th. We still don't have much snow here on the tundra.  I am have become used to skiing on very limited snow coverage.  The tundra is actually rather forgiving as it is not too rocky. 

The Lopi Sweater: A Love Affair

I have always loved the Lopi sweater and have been intrigued by Iceland. I am not sure where or how the love affair started but I suspect it was with L.L. Bean.  The Icelandic sweaters they had for sale in their catalog while I was growing up always caught my eye.  When I was about 19 (the late 1970s) I finally was given and Icelandic sweater from L.L. Bean by my parents.  I loved it and I still have that sweater in our storage unit at home.  I have thought of cutting it up to make it into a pillow. I also have dreams of wearing it again . . . I am hoping I will fit into again instead!
I have always wanted to knit sweaters.  It took a long time to learn to knit and to put all the pieces together to be the knitter I am today.  In my mind, a real knitter knits Iceland or Lopi sweaters, Norwegian ski sweaters or Fair Isle.  I love color work and these styles were my goal!  If I could knit them I would be a "REAL KNITTER."
Recently, I have fallen down the rabbit hole of the Lop…

Off & On the Knitting Needles

I have been on a bit of roll here with knitting and getting WIPs (Works in progress) off the needles.  I tend to do this a bit of needle cleaning!  All work must be DONE!  If you are a Ravelry member then you can find some of my projects listed on my projects page "knitski".  I am not a great one for keeping up with my projects there either.  Details . . . I am not a detail person at all!

Calling all SNOW . . . Where are you?

I sit in northwest Alaska and I am still waiting for snow . . . it is cold, the ground is frozen, the river, slough, and the sea are all freezing up nicely, and yet there is no snow in the village or on the tundra.

I wait for my snow to arrive and worry about our climate the impact man has had on earth and the atmosphere.  How the world has changed over my lifetime.  How population has increased. How careless we have become with our lands and with life in general at times.  Yet, I know that in many aspect life has improved for many around the world and just the opposite life has diminished for others.

How do we make the world a better place for ourselves and others?  I feel it is our job, all of us to not sit around and complain! We all need to voice our concerns in a positive way, write to our leaders, and stand up for what we believe will make our world a better place.  Tantrums just don't work---just in case no one told you that growing up!

Procrastination & STILL . . . WAITING FOR SNOW! Photos--lots!

Here I sit in November which for your non-knitting folks is the month of "Wovember"   and all things wooly are just wonderful.  The world would be even more wonderful if I looked out my window and there was glistening snow covering everything.  There is no snow at all . . . well, I take that back we have had a few flakes after our original snows in October.  All of that snow melted, left, and is GONE!  This weekend we had just a bit of snow, not even a dusting just flakes of snow.  This whole global warming and lack of snow really pisses me off! I wish we would return to a mini-ice age!

Let's start with PROCRASTINATION or should I put this off a bit more hehe Eee!

I am an amazingly great procrastinator!  I have this trait down to a science and I am very productive when I procrastinate.  The project I am procrastinating over is the crochet button band on the sweater posted below.