Winters Approach

October's full moon setting over Norton Sound about 7:00 a.m. last weekend. Our daylight is slipping away and darkness is returning to the north. I actually really enjoy the approach of our long nights.  I find the whole cycle of the seasons in the northern latitudes very comforting. 

Last Sunday's walk out of the village to the tundra was just what I needed.  I was a bit shocked to see how fast the slough had transformed itself from flowing water to ice.  Boats were being hauled out rather fast as this sudden change in weather was a surprise to us all.

My beloved tundra has now shed all of its glorious color.  Browns, rusts, and grays have replaced all the bright festive fall colors.

An imagine I always in joy starring at is a rich blue sky through the bows of an evergreen.  The only thing better would be these branches cover in snow.

The ice arrived over-night as the temperatures consistently dropped.  People were busy chipping and hauling their boats out of the slough.

For those of you who follow the Iditarod dog sled race, this photo is looking down towards the check-point.  Several boats in this photo are now out of the ice and tucked away for winter.

Looking down into the village of Unalakleet with ice taking over the river and the slough.  Norton Sound in the distance with sea ice forming.