Waiting for Snow . . .

The temps are dropping, the night sky is clear and the stars are close enough to touch . . . but I am waiting for snow . . .

It is that rather bleak part of the ski year when skiers everywhere are awaiting the arrival of the white stuff: SNOW!  The tundra has now transformed itself from rich lush greens full of berries to vibrant reds, yellow, and rust colors. At last, the tundra is now brown with a smattering of rusty colored Ayu plant leaves as all life hunkers down for the arrival of WINTER!

These frost crystals were captured by my iPhone.
The northern lights have been stellar due to sun storms.  Swirling, dancing, shimmering, pulsating lights have decorated the night sky, that is until the full moon arrived.

This photo is from Fisher Dill a high school student, who as you can see, has become a very talented photographer. Also, Fisher has a facebook site as well.

The slough all of a sudden was icing up on Sunday.  Our temperatures dropped and the ice seems to just show up! Boats are now out of the water and tucked away for a long winters nap until crabbing and seal hunting start up.