Tundra Time

I love being out on the tundra!  I wish, I could some how capture how it makes me feel in words but I am not that kind of a writer.  I love the ground color throughout the seasons as the colors are rich, earthy, and unique to the northern latitudes.  The lichens are rich and their shades vary throughout the changing seasons.  Walking on the tundra ground cover is an experience and a great workout.  You are sinking and then you are on top and when you least expect it you sink again.  It is a pretty good balancing act.  I love looking out at the expanse of the tundra that just plain old has no one on it . . . it is empty!  Every time, I am out on the tundra, I think that I am about the luckiest person on earth to be able to enjoy this vast sweeping landscape . . .

Here are some photos from this fall on the tundra enjoy your walk . . .

There is always time for hot tea and a bit of a rest not matter what!
No easy to beat this view!

Tundra trail mix snack 
Endless expanse of open space

One of our more soggier walks!


shandy said…
Astonishing colours! I had no idea that tundra would be like that.