SkiErg by Concept 2

SkiErg . . . What is a SkiErg?  A SkiErg is a training device for cross-country skiing that was developed by Concept 2 a fitness company for both rowing and nordic skiing.  Now that the fall/winter winds are howling once again as we transition into winter  in the north my morning walks have almost come to an end.  No winds--I walk.  Winds over 25mph I hit the waxroom.  I take the dogs over to the waxroom, as I prefer to have some morning company.  I use the SkiErg, do my morning sit-up routine and then yoga.  Once ski team is up and running the Erg will move into my classroom, but for now, I work out in the waxroom and enjoy this space. One of the aspects, I love about the SkiErg is that it is a specific ski work out and it does use all your ski muscles.

Meet Erg! Erg has a small footprint, lightweight, and is easy to move around.
The famous flywheel of all concept 2 equipment.
The guards or bored dogs you can pick.
Sadie is my dependable training partner always by my side.
Miss Sadie always with me  . . . shelter dogs are simply the best dogs on earth!


shandy said…
Amazing! One winter I hired a Concept 2 rowing machine and put it in the hall of my house. I did use it but then we joined the gym, so I reclaimed the space.