Food: Wheat Free of Course!

It will be two years ago this December 21st I gave up wheat, most grains, and went to a lower carb lifestyle.  I am have never ever felt so great all the time! I will never ever go back to how I used to eat----EVER! Below are some photos of various foods.  I also work with a wonderful naturopathic physician out of Anchorage.  I truly feel that we each can and should have much better control over our health within reason by consuming far better foods.  I wish I would have understood this at a younger age.  I feel it is best to get on with it now and no age is to late or early to start this way of looking at food and health for both mind, and body.

Tea, almond ginger cookies, and a tad and I mean a tad bit of honey in my tea.  I have no issue with very small amounts of honey or maple syrup.
I drink fully caffeinated coffee in the morning.Inthe evening I love a nice decaf cappuccino to close the day out. 
Almond flour chocolate zucchini bread.
Whipped honey from Montana which was purchased at the farmers market.  The honey, tea and lemon I am sure was for a sore throat.
Almond flour waffle with huckleberry, raspberry sauce.
Recipe Sites:

The best site I have found is Elana's recipes are spot on and tested.  There are often great comments as well on how others have varied a recipe.  Everything I have made has worked out great!

Another site I use I have used several recipes from her blog and they have come out well as well.  My waffles are from her site.  The changes I made was adding plain yogurt to the batter as it gives a more tangy sourdough flavor.

There is also the Wheatfree Market.  I should say the person who owns this company started it once he was wheat free.  He follows the author of Wheat Belly.  I use their pizza mix often and their wrap mix.  I don't care for any of the sweeteners much so I avoid the muffin mixes.  I will say the muffin mixes are very good and helped me out a lot in the beginning when changing over to this lifestyle.

Why have I stuck with this lifestyle?

I feel great, no brain fog, no arthritis aches and pains, more energy, I have lost weight and need to drop more but getting there, overall----