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Winters Approach

October's full moon setting over Norton Sound about 7:00 a.m. last weekend. Our daylight is slipping away and darkness is returning to the north. I actually really enjoy the approach of our long nights.  I find the whole cycle of the seasons in the northern latitudes very comforting. 

Last Sunday's walk out of the village to the tundra was just what I needed.  I was a bit shocked to see how fast the slough had transformed itself from flowing water to ice.  Boats were being hauled out rather fast as this sudden change in weather was a surprise to us all.

My beloved tundra has now shed all of its glorious color.  Browns, rusts, and grays have replaced all the bright festive fall colors.

An imagine I always in joy starring at is a rich blue sky through the bows of an evergreen.  The only thing better would be these branches cover in snow.

The ice arrived over-night as the temperatures consistently dropped.  People were busy chipping and hauling their boats out of the slough.


Waiting for Snow . . .

It is that rather bleak part of the ski year when skiers everywhere are awaiting the arrival of the white stuff: SNOW!  The tundra has now transformed itself from rich lush greens full of berries to vibrant reds, yellow, and rust colors. At last, the tundra is now brown with a smattering of rusty colored Ayu plant leaves as all life hunkers down for the arrival of WINTER!

The northern lights have been stellar due to sun storms.  Swirling, dancing, shimmering, pulsating lights have decorated the night sky, that is until the full moon arrived.

SkiErg by Concept 2

SkiErg . . . What is a SkiErg?  A SkiErg is a training device for cross-country skiing that was developed by Concept 2 a fitness company for both rowing and nordic skiing.  Now that the fall/winter winds are howling once again as we transition into winter  in the north my morning walks have almost come to an end.  No winds--I walk.  Winds over 25mph I hit the waxroom.  I take the dogs over to the waxroom, as I prefer to have some morning company.  I use the SkiErg, do my morning sit-up routine and then yoga.  Once ski team is up and running the Erg will move into my classroom, but for now, I work out in the waxroom and enjoy this space. One of the aspects, I love about the SkiErg is that it is a specific ski work out and it does use all your ski muscles.

Tundra Time

I love being out on the tundra!  I wish, I could some how capture how it makes me feel in words but I am not that kind of a writer.  I love the ground color throughout the seasons as the colors are rich, earthy, and unique to the northern latitudes.  The lichens are rich and their shades vary throughout the changing seasons.  Walking on the tundra ground cover is an experience and a great workout.  You are sinking and then you are on top and when you least expect it you sink again.  It is a pretty good balancing act.  I love looking out at the expanse of the tundra that just plain old has no one on it . . . it is empty!  Every time, I am out on the tundra, I think that I am about the luckiest person on earth to be able to enjoy this vast sweeping landscape . . .

Here are some photos from this fall on the tundra enjoy your walk . . .

Food: Wheat Free of Course!

It will be two years ago this December 21st I gave up wheat, most grains, and went to a lower carb lifestyle.  I am have never ever felt so great all the time! I will never ever go back to how I used to eat----EVER! Below are some photos of various foods.  I also work with a wonderful naturopathic physician out of Anchorage.  I truly feel that we each can and should have much better control over our health within reason by consuming far better foods.  I wish I would have understood this at a younger age.  I feel it is best to get on with it now and no age is to late or early to start this way of looking at food and health for both mind, and body.
Recipe Sites:

The best site I have found is Elana's recipes are spot on and tested.  There are often great comments as well on how others have varied a recipe.  Everything I have made has worked out great!

Another site I use I have used several recipes from her blog and they have come out…