MEAT . . . Moose Season

We don't hunt but everyone arounds us does!  If you learn anything living in an Alaskan Native Village it is to always answer your door!  This year we had three moose meat deliveries.  I would say 9 times out of 10 if someone is knocking on the door they are dropping off moose, caribou, crabs, ducks, or salmon.
This beautiful roast came from one of our skiers, Carter.  He is now in 7th grade and got his first moose this year.  In this culture a first animal is shared with others.  It is a HUGE treat to be blessed with meat from a youth's first hunt. 
Here is another of our skiers.  This gal got her first moose with her dad and gram this fall.  She is a total treat and is now living outside the village as her mom is in school.  She comes back for visits which I love!  This is her first moose.

Our other delivery is from our neighbors.  They shot a HUGE moose this year and we have a wonderful package of stew meat.  This family always shares moose and caribou with us.  My husband and I have taught all their kids!  I should say, I have taught them all as a few are not in high school yet.  Three out of four have skied with us, too.