Bláithín Sweater # 2

I have a wonderful family that I get to knit for, and they are extremely knit worthy!  They wear everything all the time, send photos, and pass on the compliments they are given about what they are wearing.  My grand niece needs another sweater as she has outgrown her last sweater.  I sent her all kinds of ideas/pattern to choose from but in the end she went with this Kate Davies design.  I have knitted this sweater for myself and I really enjoyed the well thought out design.  I will say this even after I complained about miles of icord the sweater came out great!

A provisional cast on to get things rolling.  Always use a yarn that is in a contrasting color and won't shed into the main yarn you are using.  I am using a worsted weight superwash.
After you get sts on your needles then right away you have to set up for the knit in pockets.  I wasn't to sure about this step all, but once you read, follow, and knit on, the pockets come together spot on perfect!
I almost 99% of the time I start with the sleeves of any sweater for a few reasons.  One is to get them out of the way and more importantly to make sure I have gauge. 
This is inside the sweater.  I picked up my sts that were being held on scrap yarn, once the body was knitted to the correct height.  I knitted the flap that will be sewn down into place.
The inside flap is done being knitted and I am getting those sts on my main body needle.  The sts in the front will be bond off in and icord.  
Pocket is almost done, the inside flap is on my needle with the rest of the body sts. the front part of pocket is on waste yarn being held.
A pocket is born!  All done . . . I love that there is just 2 layers here with a solid pocket knitted into the sweater.
Colors to be used which amazingly came out of my stash!  Harrisville Highland Design Yarn, worsted weight which I love!