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Bláithín Sweater # 2

I have a wonderful family that I get to knit for, and they are extremely knit worthy!  They wear everything all the time, send photos, and pass on the compliments they are given about what they are wearing.  My grand niece needs another sweater as she has outgrown her last sweater.  I sent her all kinds of ideas/pattern to choose from but in the end she went with this Kate Davies design.  I have knitted this sweater for myself and I really enjoyed the well thought out design.  I will say this even after I complained about miles of icord the sweater came out great!

Knitting Away: WIPS OFF my Needles!

WIPs, WHAT?  In knitting we have a lot of little acronyms for our art form. WIPs are "Work(s) In Progress" and as knittersall at once they must be done! This August and early September was a forced knit in getting things DONE!  It worked!
or I should say many of us knitters have far too many of these works in progress floating or hidden around.  I for one am classic for starting all kinds of projects and

The Kokkeluri Mittens are now done and waiting to be worn in our first snow! I really enjoyed knitting these even though I got off to several very rough starts. Kate's yarn is a treat with an amazing hand and rich Scottish colors.

This project has been on my needles far too LONG!  I finally worked my short rows over my butt and have a pair of tights.  The design is from Elizabeth Zimmermann one of my all time very favorite knitters ever.   The yarn I used is a DK superwash from Knit 'N Needle in Whitefish, Montana. These will be used as a layer on our very cold sub…

MEAT . . . Moose Season

We don't hunt but everyone arounds us does!  If you learn anything living in an Alaskan Native Village it is to always answer your door!  This year we had three moose meat deliveries.  I would say 9 times out of 10 if someone is knocking on the door they are dropping off moose, caribou, crabs, ducks, or salmon.

Tank Farm Stories

Now that I am back out in the village my morning routine is in place.  I am such a creature of "the routine."  I am up at 5 a.m. M-F, down stairs with the dogs, get their breakfast set up, then out the door for dog duty.  This is when (often) I walk the dogs under dancing northern lights.  If the lights are not on, then I am at least under stars. The stars are so bright and close I could grab a few and put them in my pocket if I wanted too!  I am so grateful to be able to see the lights and the stars at this northern latitude! Thrilled beyond belief---really!

Once the dogs have eaten and I have had one rather strong cup of organic coffee from Grounds For Change.  We get ready for the morning walk to the "Tank Farm" and "Lynn's Sign Post."  "The Girls" as I jokingly call Sadie and Tally and I hit the road!  We are walking now in full on darkness out and back.  I wear a headlamp, carry my phone for two reasons, and bear spray (a new addition, …