Time for a Change


Every once and awhile I feel I need to change the old blog.  Possibly move to a different blog server, change everything, start over, oh the list goes on . . . I was going to move over to Word Press for a few reasons and then I said what for!? You know this format just change up the template go for a bit of a newer look and stay put!  Good, bad or indifferent here I am blogger to stay put for some time!  "If it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality is in full swing here!

Work is about to start up here full time once again and the summer holidays will draw to a close.  A new school year full of ups downs and a ton of work.  I am about to have a class this year get this 16 boys and 3 yes just 3 girls!  I am excited, they are a fun group full of energy going every direction!  My challenge is to heard that energy along a positive learning path.

Tundra & Beach Life 

We are back home on the tundra and beach.  This time of the year is when you wish the dang wind would blow!  The bugs are out in full force and I mean BUGS!  Yikes the other night was just brutal out there bugs, bugs, bugs!  I just love being in the wide open space of the tundra despite the dang mosquitoes!  I do wish the winds of winter would blow a bit more in the summer.  

Flying back home and the Unalakleet River from air.
If you look carefully you will see black lines across the slough.  That is the snow fence where we ski and hold most ski practices.  It is known now as the Dragon's Back.
The plane is above our place as we fly in to land.
We have a good variety of mushrooms and this variety can get HUGE!

Sadie keeping an eye just in case something moves so the Akbash in her can warn us! 
My companion . . . dogs just bring so much happiness into one's world!

The expanse of the tundra I love! 
The berries are HUGE and plentiful this season.
My morning walk along the slough.
Day Break
Now life on the beach is a rather stinky place.  Fish litter the beach!  The beach is just covered with salmon decomposing all over the place.  Then you can toss in the occasional seal or beaver carcass rotting from the spring and the smells are just NOT delightful!  Soon the salmon bodies will start to disappear and be replaced by moose carcusses.  We are just never short of dead bodies and body parts for the dogs to roll in, eat and barf up later again . . . 

Yesterday, I took Kuvi, a friends dog out for a beach run.  I get to use Robin's fat tire bike which is a riot to ride.  Kuvi gets a run as he is currently home alone.  He had the chance for all kinds of beach snacks: silvers, humpies, reds . . . seal jerky oh such tasty gross treats!
Fat tire riding in the rain.
Smile says it all: outside, rain, biking all fun!
This my readers is part of a house.  This house came on a barge and it will be put together up the road into a full house.  This is a normal way to get a house here in rural Alaska.  One can order a home to be shipped out to your village/location by a barge. As long as your location is accessible by barge service one can purchase home.

One of the little boys who will be in my class this year keeps bring me flowers.  Smart kid I would say!

Once again it is the that time of the year that we wait for our shipments to arrive.  Cardboard boxes we sent up from Montana.  The totes are from our shopping in Anchorage. We also order frozen meat which we will get next week and fresh produce every week.