Reverse Migration North

Highlights from our reverse migration north . . . I am on a bit of blog blitz here just wanting to get myself up to date!  This post is a photo essay of sorts. Photos are not in order at all!

Tally can never ever get enough swim time in . . . she just loves water!
Dos and life is all about the stick!
I would say we are the happiest outside.  We love camping--car camping, backpacking whatever we love sleeping in our tent!
Home on the road!
Life by a campfire . . . 
Our tent mates!
Look at Miss Sadie 8years old and as beautiful as ever.  My dear companion!
Little Miss tally is not a fan of bugs and loves to be snug as a bug.
More knitting along the drive
More swimming and stick action in the Yukon.
Cotton flowers as I call them remind me of punk rockers along hwy in the Yukon.
Our last camp in the Yukon.

Morning yoga in BC 1st morning on the road.

One of the ferry crossings which I just love in BC!
Morning road trip yoga! 
BC logging a huge operation!

Bear Lake morning yoga---I love this campground complete with loons!
One of those cultural events along the way!
Are we close to being home yet?
Morning coffee on the road.
Haines Junction Bakery a great treat along the drive.

Yukon break
Yukon break
Yukon break
Our last camp
Our last camp
Our last camp
This greeted us at our last camping site.  I found it very fitting as so many folks can not believe in life itself and one must get up, get going and embrace life to its fullest!