Mornings on the Tundra

Good Morning 8-18-16 First light across the tundra and Johnson's Lake I call it Johnson's Pond.

August 17, 2016
If you have been following me for anytime you may have figured out I am a morning person.  I love getting up at 5:00 a.m., heading down stairs to set up the dog food, get the girls out for a short little business trip, back inside, feed the girls, sit down with my cup of coffee and the computer. This routine is mine and I own it!  I cherish the fact, I can do this and love that I can do this consistently.  Once I have checked that the world is still out there . . . since I live about 400 air miles north-west (this means you can only get here by air, dogsled or barge--NO ROADS) from Anchorage checking on my world has some meaning for me.  I check out the knitting world and rarely news at this point in the day.

For example this morning is the first morning that the dogs need their glow stick collars as I call them.  They are not glow sticks but they have that look to them.  The moon is just about full or is full, will need to look on a moon chart. Soon I will need a head lamp to walk the dogs.  I love the transitions of seasons in the far north . . . I feel more connected to the outside world up here as we move through the yearly seasonal fluxes.

Mornings . . . I love a nice morning walk.  We walk almost every day in the morning until full on winter arrives.  Our walk is 2.02 miles out to what is locally know as the tank farm.

The Tank Farm . . . where fuel is stored.

This is where the fuel for heating, and driving is held.  This fuel arrives on barges and whatever price it arrives at is the price for the year.  We walk east out of the village and then back. We cross the slough twice which is great for photos.


Shandy said…
Very much enjoyed your photos of the reverse migration. I don't miss that start of term feeling at all, funnily enough.
knitski said…
THanks! One fall soon I will not miss that start of term feeling either!