Living in Northwest Montana one is never far from a great hiking trail.  We hiked some old favorites and explored some new trails this summer.  A recent hike we went on was just perfect!  We found bushes just loaded with green huckleberries which will be ripe in mid-August.  Be careful!  I am  sure the basin will be full of bears and purple bear scat!  Bluebird Lake was a great hike.  We had some steep climbs, hiked on snow, had great views, and our eyes had the wonderful treat of wildflowers bursting to life.  The dogs had plenty of water and snow to cool off on as we hiked through the day.

A few great books to help you discover the great hiking northwest, Montana offers.
The start of our hike on Little Therriault Lake.
Along the highline with stunning views.
Little Therriault Lake from above.
Along the trail and do hike with bear spray.
Bluebird Lake and there are a few trails that will bring you into this stunning little paradise. One always has time for some relaxing knitting.  Working on socks with PDS sock yarn from my favorite local yarn shoppe Knit 'N Needle.

We made a nice loop and this was our trail down.  This is the way I would hike if you wanted a shorter day hike or had small kids with along.