Glacier Park Hike: Hiking with Friends

Whenever I get a chance to hike in Glacier National Park it is like hiking with a long time dear friend.  GNP is dear buddy of mine!  My first time there was in 1982 when I worked for GPI the concessioner for the park at that time.  I worked in the camp store and discovered summer camp for college students.  It was nothing but the best time ever!  I realized then there were people like me that loved to be outside, hiking, camping and enjoy the world around them.  This summer I was able to fit in a hike to Snyder Lake with my dear friend Lynn.

Lynn is both knitter, spinner, librarian and a teacher.  We used to work together in Alaska and swore we would visit each other every summer once one of us left AK.  She left/retired first, and now we get together at one of our places each summer.  Lynn is a creative fiber artist and she is a talented writer!  She has several books in the works both for kids and adults. Lynn can also illustrate her own work!

Off we went on a Snyder Lake hike . . . which was a double treat for me! Hiking in GNP is returning to an old friend and I was able to bring along an old dear friend as well!

A great resource for hiking in Glacier National Park.  Ok I am biased it is written by one of my friends as well!  I am even in a few photos!

Always time to knit, hike, and enjoy lunch on any hike!
Soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the view.
I always enjoy the vast variety of greens nature can offer against a bright rich blue sky.

On our way out from Snyder Lake.
Mount Edwards in the background.
Little Matterhorn from the Snyder Lake drainage.
A wonderful day with long time dear friends!